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Jeff is taking a break from radio, but will be back behind the microphone in the future.

Me and Rudy Guiliani
Me and Rudy Guiliani
Me and Andrew Brietbart
Me and Andrew Brietbart
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Me and Grover Norquist
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Me and James O'Keefe

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Septermbers Promise

As a fifth generation Oregon farmer, the month of September is always special to me. Primarily because i have completed a years worth of work as we have finished the harvest and are begining the process all over again. I guess it is my optimistic nature that enables me to always be looking ahead to the next year's crop by working the ground to prepare the seed bed, then actually seeding in the new annual ryegrass crop.

Farming, as in life, is not a perfect science as mother nature and markets often change the best laid plans one is basing the future on. Yet, the odds are that if one executes good farming practices, you will weather the ups and downs. It is all about yield actually and perhaps more than anything else, that determines a farmer's success, however each one defines it.

You see, if prices are bad and you grow good yields, you can survive another year or several as has happened before in American agriculture. If prices are good and you grow good yields, you can do very well.

September is the begining of that cylce once again as the new crop is planted. If I have done it correctly, I will have a good yield and will consider it a success no matter how much money I make or not.

That is why I love September, because it holds so much promise for the future.

And of course, the NFL season begins!

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The Silly Season

I have an oft used saying that describes the campaign election season every two years.

I call it the 'silly season'.

It is silly because of the outrageous lenghts that some candidates and their campaigns go to win elections, stretching the truth beyond limits, plagerizing others without attribution, violating time honored rules of getting elected and just plain dumb things that defy logic.

Many times I just shake my head in disbelief that a candidate actually said something that stupid or did something so dumb that you wonder how successful, intelligent people can make such unbelievalbe blunders.

It must be something in the air or the water or something that takes over the common sense thought processes that have guided those folks to success in their personal or professional lives. Or it could just be really bad political advisers who live inside the bubble and cannot see the forest for the trees.

In any event, I look forward to election day as much to see if my candidates have won as well as the end of the silly season.


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